Raise The Bar South Australia

The Arts and Entertainment

In South Australia if a person reads a story, tells a joke, or plays music in licensed premises - thats regulated as entertainment, but if you view broadcast sport, gamble, or have recorded music, thats exempt from entertainment approvals process.

In other parts of Australia, live performance is considered a normal activity in Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs and Cafes.

You might expect laws that regulate creative people and yet exempt screens and machines in community spaces in North Korea, Burma maybe .. but not South Australia in 2012.

Thats the way it works around here - but it doesnt have to. A change to the law that removes the definitions of entertainment would do amazing things to encourage the cultural life of South Australia and make life a lot easier for the venues and businesses that want to provide the jobs and opportunities for our musicians, comedians and actors.

Look at the recent changes in NSW that achieved similar reforms here.

Email your local member, and tell them its time for the definitions of entertainment to be removed from South Australia legislation and for our liquor laws to be modernised.